About us

OLIS ESCODA CB is a family-run company devoted to the making of extra virgin olive oil.

It was established by Ramon Navarro Poll before 1881. A deed of weeding agreements from Ramon Navarro Poll and Carmen Navarro Espinós in which it appears the existence of an olive oil mill is kept from this date, this proves that the company was already created at that time.

This very first olive oil mill was vapour powered.

As the time went on Francisco Escoda Poll, the founder's son-in-law and his dauther Teresa Navarro Navarro's husband, took the reins of the business. He made the first modifications in the mill in order to prepare it for the apparition of electricity.

In 1940 decade Ramon Escoda Navarro took the leadership of the company. He was the father of the current CEO. When he was in office a lot of changes were carried on.

More recently, in 1993, the company called OLIS ESCODA CB was offically constituted by Escoda family and Francisco Escoda become its CEO.

From 1993 to nowadays there has been a lot of changes on the company (mainly in order to adapt its activities to European regulations). This thing proves that the business keeps alive as the time goes on. We are making the PASSION FOR OLIVE OIL AND FOR ITS MAKING our reason for being.


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C/ Reus, 17, 43748 Ginestar, Spain